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Welcome to TNG’s CleanPay Initiative

At TNG, we are committed to streamlining payment solutions that allow us to offer quicker payment turnaround on invoices, protect our suppliers from fraud and support our organizations commitment to environmental sustainability.  We are pleased to announce CleanPay, our new initiative to send electronic payments to our valued suppliers and business partners.

CleanPay offers fast electronic payment of approved invoices.  TNG’s CleanPay is designed with you in mind and provides numerous benefits not previously available.

  • More efficient payment process with the ability to get the payment to you faster
  • More secure payment with lower fraud risk – no storage of bank details
  • Email based communication and payment information
  • No more mailing delays and lost checks
  • Simple enrollment process

If you have more questions, please contact Vendorin at (888) 618-2550 or via email at

Product Vendors

Tell us where your products are headed in Canada. It’s likely that we are already going there. Not only can we get your product to where it needs to go, in most cases, we can get it onto that retail floor where it will sell. We don’t want it to collect dust in a warehouse or a backroom somewhere either, we want it to generate revenue for you. Luckily, there is a convenient solution to this problem.

Canadian Magazine Vendors

Are you interested in having access to Canadian retailers for your magazines? Please coordinate through a National Distributor.

Two options that can take care of your needs are:

Comag Marketing Group – Click here to access their website

Disticor – Click here to access their website

These National Distributors, along with TNG, will work together to bring your title to market and optimize your sales

Canadian Book Vendors

Thank you for your interest in positioning a book with TNG Canada for placement at one of our key retail partners. If you have not done so already, please submit all details regarding your book including a cover image, content summary, retail price, EAN, and publisher/distributor and any other pertinent info via email to

All books are reviewed by our book buying team, and if there is sufficient interest a Category Manager will be in contact shortly. Due to the high volume of submissions, we cannot respond to all queries but will do our best to respond if there are specific questions. Apart from difficulty, finding room within the high amount of submissions received and small sections books hold in stores, the book logistics process can sometimes be difficult for independent publishers/authors. Typical terms include unsold items being fully returnable to a Canadian address, and all shipping paid by the publisher (our main DCs are in Calgary, Toronto, and Halifax). Payment is based on point-of-sale 60 days from the end of the month that the first unit sold.

We recommend looking at established book distributors like Sandhill Book Marketing or Heritage Group Distribution as they can assist with marketing and logistics at the larger wholesale level if you want to pursue other avenues for distributing your book. At this time, INGRAM Publishing Services is not an established vendor for distribution with TNG Canada. If you have an established traditional publisher already distributing your book we will contact the publisher directly to discuss further distribution at retail.

Please Note: TNG Canada, in general, will not consider POD (print-on-demand) books for distribution. Review copies and marketing materials will not be returned.

For more information about TNG Canada, please visit