PLEASE Note: We ONLY ship out full sets of labels!
Every store receives an extra FULL SET of labels when first set and when reset after a remodel. Before ordering another set, please look for the full set and if found, take the labels from there.
ONLY order a new set of labels if there are labels you NEED that are NOT in the extra set.
When your new labels arrive, USE the labels you need, then place the remaining labels in the supply tote for the next time labels are needed. KEEP THE LABELS IN ORDER!!
ONLY labels are ordered here. You can order fixtures on the fixture order form: Fixture Order Form
If you need anything other than Labels or Fixtures – contact TNG Customer Service at 866-466-7231.
Thank you!
PS – please scroll down to see a video explaining how to correctly apply the labels to our fixtures!

Clip Strip Label Order

  • Please make sure you enter the store number correctly or we cannot send you the proper labels.

How to Install a Label on a Fixture for the TNG Impulse Merchandising Program:

TNG Installing Labels on Fixtures from Scott Mead on Vimeo.