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Retail Display Allowance

Increase your magazine revenues through retail display allowances.

Retail Display Allowance (RDA) collection is involved and complicated. We’ll maximize the potential collections of your magazine RDA or Retail Display Payments (RDP) by ensuring best-practice reporting in an accurate and timely manner to Publishers, thereby adding to your bottom line. 

RDA and RDP have been a part of the magazine industry for decades. It was developed as a financial incentive for retailers to add the new titles to their magazine offerings. And while not all publishers offer RDA, it still plays a significant role in the launch of new titles and adds margin to each magazine sold. Many retailers that attempt to collect RDA and RDP on their own become frustrated by the complexity and either give up altogether or miss out on money that is owed to them. Get us working for you today; avoid the frustration and add to your bottom line. 


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